Frozen 2

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Today, I’d love to share with you a post that I came across just before I headed to the theatres to watch the much anticipated… Frozen 2!

I absolutely loved Frozen and after reading this article on The Insider, I was really excited to see all of the new features and developments in animation seep through the screen.

Interesting developments in the years between Frozen and Frozen 2 included [1][2]:

  • Hair & Clothes : Following the production of Moana, Disney really upped their game in the animation of hair. Not only do we see multiple changes in outfits, Anna and Elsa also have a change of hair throughout the movie. This was achieved through the use of a program called Quicksilver, allowing their hair to react to fields such as water and wind. It was noticed that details on their clothes was another indicator or how far technology had developed. Throughout the movie, we can even see the sequins and seams on Elsa’s dresses.
  • Limbs: There is a scene where Elsa runs into the water in her bare feet. Here, Disney were able to capture feet moved in a natural and realistic way using various control points. The same was applied to their hands and fingers.

  • Underwater horse: this would have been very hard to achieve at such quality in the years of Frozen 1. Here, the creators were able to capture a horse made completely of water than moved seamlessly through the waters and interacted with Elsa.

My Experience

After the credits rolled, my conclusive feelings towards the movie were quite conflicting. On one hand, I was absolutely mesmerised by the effects, quality and aesthetic of the film. It was such eye candy! They made such a cohesive and beautiful film paired to catchy melodies. However, I was slightly let down by the story. I personally felt that the arc wasn’t so great – and that it wasn’t really a storyline that would have kept me gripped to the screen had I not watched it in the cinema. Nevertheless, it was an overall enjoyable movie!

Please do let me know what you think!



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