Graduation Film : Idea Development

Hey, all.
I can’t believe that the time has come! We are starting to work on our grad films. I’m here to share with you, the initial stages, ideas and concepts going through my head for this film.

Film Theme:

A journey of self-discovery towards self- acceptance

Plot Summary:

This film will be about an Onion who wants to fit in a be a Garlic. He is the only Onion, hanging out with 3 Garlics. After being left out, this onion begins his journey towards embracing his own unique quirks and talents.

Character Design:

I have 2 main characters; Onion and Garlic. Both are very cute and soft characters.

So far, my story has yet to develop, but my initial idea was as follows:

1.) Garlics & Onion gathered around a television, watching Veggie Talents. On this screen, there is a garlic performing. Everyone cheers for this garlic and the garlics start mimicking the garlic on TV. Onion can’t help but feel left out. After numerous attempts to join in, he decides to leave the group.

2.) Onion starts to travel away from his crew

3.) This in turn leads him to find a lost garlic from a different group! This garlic tells the onion that he actually wants to be an onion and that there are really cool onions out there! Onion takes a moment of self-reflection and decides to bring Garlic to his crew.

4.) All Onions and Garlics are peacefully enjoying TV together watching both onions and garlics on stage.

Idea Development

There is definitely room for idea development in this story. I personally feel like the story could be a bit deeper or dramatic. This was also reflected in my feedback session given during my pitch.

I look forward to taking this story further and see where it goes! I will update you on that soon.

Until next time,