Maps 3D Making Of – Nokia

Animation in Advertising.

This week, I chose to blog about this particular advertisement. Advertising is a particular area of animation that I am passionate about. I stumbled across this particular animation and absolutely loved it!

The colours, shapes, composition all fit together so well to create this world to showcase a particular product, that is Nokia Maps.

The world: The world is very well set up in a world that we can also understand and imagine. The use of simple shapes and structures boils down the detail, hence making the advertised product stand out.

The medium: For me, I am more familiar with the use of live-action to advertise technology. This particular advertisement stands out in that it steers away from various commercial stereotypes. It comes across as entertainment as well as advertising; which I think can be a powerful tool in allowing consumers to remember this product.

The message: The animation and soundtrack are meshed together in a very fitting way. As the voice describes a function, we see the animated version on screen! The use of animation is a great traditional way to explain complex ideas and structures that may be harder to imagine or create in live-action.

The camera angles, dewy lighting and aesthetic all come together to make a truly cohesive piece. Some really cool inspiration spotted here!

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