MOTH by Allison Schulnik

Moth is a traditionally animated short created by Allison Schulnik. It is created straight-ahead using gouache on paper. The production took approximately 14 months with the production team working on it almost daily.

This short was inspired by a moth landing on the windowsill of the artists studio.

This piece shows the story of a moth experiencing the emotions of birth, nature and metamorphosis.

Personally, when I watched this, I felt that this piece really captured the fluidity and freedom of a moth flying. The movements are very smooth.

Moreover, the use of gouache on paper creates a very unique aesthetic, one that is suited for this kind of movement. Gouache gives a nice washed feeling, that makes the moth appear gentle, yet is bold enough to capture the moth’s stronger characteristics.

Overall, it is a very beautiful and artistic piece; allowing viewers to unwind and enter the world of this moth.


Music is credited as Erik Satie’s Gnossienne no. 1 recorded Nedelle Torrisi. It is a very suited orchestral piece, with a prominence of stringed instruments. I personally think that it fits well with the animation and the feeling that the creator is trying to portray. It really gives a sense of ‘art’, like the ones we see in museums!

Really enjoyed this one.

Until next time!


References: Schulnik, A. (2019). Moth. Available at: [Accessed 7 Jun. 2019].

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