“Alike” is an animated short created Lafiesta PC.

‘Alike’ is an animated short created by Lafiesta PC that I’ve recently stumbled across. Although I have seen it multiple times before (on social media), I still find it just as gripping and engaging as the very first time.

The story:

Alike tells the story of a father and son who live in a world of mundanity. The story begins on the son’s first day of school. He is alive and excited; bursting with colour and energy. This is represented by his character visuals which is bright orange. His father, who is a lot more accustomed to this world of normality is represented in the colour blue.

As both school and work drive them to conform to the norms, the pair both lose their colour, life and energy. The father who used to rely on the son to bring him colour, found that this no longer occurred.

The son originally brought joy and life to his father when they reunited at the end of school and work (top left, top right). However, as the son conformed to the norms of the world, the son could no longer spark joy in his father for he was dimmed himself (bottom).

This story ends happily as the father realises the importance of living true to oneself and he decides to bring back the spark in his child by showing his own creativity.

The Message:

This emotional tale carries the message of how our education system may be limiting intelligence of all kinds in the younger generation.

It’s a wake up call telling us that the traditional way of ‘education’ should not have to sacrifice creativity.

The Animation:

This short is created in 3D. The creators have skilfully captured a world of their own while minimising production costs. The world of mundanity where everything reflects pattern and replication means that the producers could use multiples of background props and characters, without making it too noticeable.

The characters are somewhat abstract in that they are not human. This allowed for the simplification in various aspects; such as the elimination of character hair or clothing.

The performance is really convincing and the use of body language was powerful as the entire animation had no use of dialogue. This was something I found particularly impressive. The creators managed to capture the emotion of the audience and also relay a tale with such a powerful message without one single use of dialogue. To me, that says that the performance was very strong. This is my favourite element of this short.


LaFiesta PC (2017). Alike. [ video ] Available at: [Accessed 7 Jun. 2019].

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