This month, one of my favourite girlbands BLACKPINK released their new single. I have looked forward to their comeback for a while and it certainly did not disappoint!

Most of the music video (MV) is live action, paired with some green screen editing and enhanced effects.

The group consists of 4 members: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rose. The composition of the song means that each member have their own solo parts to sing / rap.

The MV has used this structure to give each member a different story when they sing their solos.

The first one is Jennie’s:

Jennie’s scenes include her dancing and singing in front of 2 swans that make a hear shape. One is black and one is a white swan; where the black swan may indicate the individual that is causing harm to the relationship or that her and her partner are opposites.

Lisa’s Solo:

Lisa’s story involves her singing after entering a bright room full of cereal. This represents her entering a place where she wants to be. The fact that she enters by kicking the door down represents her will in grasping her own happiness, rather than relying on happiness found in a relationship.

Jisoo’s Solo:

Jisoo’s solo involves her seeing her reflection against the Sun set; a very abstract scene.

Rose’s Solo:

Rose’s solo involves her driving with heavy emotions. This is assumed to be a result of her reaction to a love that is hurting. The words written on her car ‘ego’ which hints that she is trying to let go of her ego and chase her own happiness.


In the chorus where they all sing, the MV shows them dancing the choreography together.

Meaning of the song:

The co-writer of the song mentioned that this song is all about empowerment. It explains how love can sometimes be unhealthy, and if it is, we should let it go even though it may be difficult. It’s a song about loving yourself.

Technical Aspects

Use of Lighting:

This video is dark, but highlighted with pops of colour. The use of lighting created very different feelings and portrayed the dance in a different way. It gave the performance a contrast. Paired with the sharp jaws they’re surrounded by, the use of red lighting created a real sense of danger, not to be messed with.

Overall, the MV was very engaging. It was packed with stories, bright visuals, synchronised choreography and impressive backgrounds. I personally really enjoyed it and thought that the concepts really fitted in well with the dance, the beat of the song and the meaning of the song!


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BLACKPINK (2019). BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’ M/V.


Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2019].


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