Puppet Making Workshop

Over the Easter holiday, we got to make some puppets!

After seeing the cool puppets that some of our classmates have been making, I, too wanted to have a go at making my own puppet. We finally got the chance to make our own!

It was an overall really enjoyable workshop. We learnt about the different types of puppets and their price ranges. The puppets range from 10s GDP – 1000s GDP.

The first session involved building the frame of our puppets! We took a 3 wire and used a drill to twist it into the frame we need for the puppet legs and back. We did the same, but with 2 wires for the shoulders and arms.

We then used Milliput to add the bones of our puppet – ensuring that the bones weren’t too long / large to avoid adding too much stress on our puppet.

For the feet, we used black / brown Milliput and attached pennies to their feet. This would allow for magnetisation which would help the puppet stand during animation.


Session 2 involved my favourite part – decorating the puppet!

We chose some materials – various fabrics. I went for a bright red for my puppet’s turtle neck jumper and a checkered material for my puppet’s midi skirt.

For the face, I pained in acrylics. Lastly, for the hair, we glued on some furry material. I am quite happy with the result!

Last but not least, Pei and myself did a little photoshoot for our puppets. Overall, it was a truly enjoyable workshop and I can’t wait to animate them!

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