Old Master Q – 老夫子


One sunny afternoon, as I skimmed through the shelves of the CSM library, I stumbled upon a book which entails of Hong Kong arts and comics [1][2].

I was instantly intrigued and flicked open the first few pages. A wave of familiarity mixed with nostalgia washed over me as I recognised some familiar faces from my childhood favourite ‘Old Master Q’ comics (老夫子)!

This timeless comic is extremely popular amongst citizens of Hong Kong. Although I grew up in the UK, my mother always have a few copies of these comics.

What inspired me the most actually the colour palette! I really enjoyed the musty greens mixed with bold yellows. These days, I am really enjoying seeing palettes, garments and media inspired by the 70s – 90s era.

This is something to take on board as I archive more ideas for aesthetics in my Children’s Society project and final year project!

Culture is something that is deeply rooted within my identity and definitely something that I am really passionate about sharing. After presenting on the animation of Pixar’s Bao, I came to realise the power of sharing your identity through animation!

As Chinese culture was once something I used to hide as I grew up in a Western environment, I came to admire and truly enjoy my roots! Hence, I am also aware that this feeling is not uncommon amongst those whose families have immigrated from different corners of the globe. I feel that this is something we can all connect and relate to. Therefore, I feel really passionate about creating content through animation that shares stories and messages in this regards!

Both the pen strokes and colour palettes from 老夫子 are definitely something that will spark more ideas for my future work!



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