GiGi the Giant: Green Screen Workshop

Good afternoon!

Today, I’m showing you… myself! This green screen workshop allowed us use our imagination and explore ourselves as actors.

The story behind my green screen:

Who am I?

I am GiGi the Giant. I have just fallen onto planet Earth from a giant cloud after hearing that the weather is terrible!

Where Am I?

I have freshly landed onto a very stormy planet Earth. Precisely, London, UK.

What time is it?

It is the Autumn of 2095, noon time.

Why do I want?

I want to bring warmth to a very troubled stormy planet Earth!

Why do I want it?

I hate the cold myself & I cannot bear to watch others suffer through this storm when I know that I have Sun in my bag that could fix the whole problem!

How will I get what I want?

I will travel to the right location & throw the Sun into the sky from my handbag!

What must I overcome to get it?

I must overcome the risks in coming to Earth and I must overcome the pain in walking through the storm in order to find the location to place the Sun!

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it! ☺️

Until next week!


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