UAL notjustashop: Christmas card competition: Winner!


Today, I’d like to share with you a super exciting announcement… that is, myself and a fellow course-mate were both selected as 2 of 4 winners for this years Christmas card competition!


The news came as a complete suprise, given the amount of talent across the 6 colleges at UAL. However, it has been a truly delightful experience so see my very own design produced as a product and sold in store!

This was my design:

The inspiration behind the design?

We were allowed to submit up to 3 designs each. For at least one of them, I wanted to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas to me.

For me, the true meaning of Christmas involves a celebration of the birth of baby Jesus; something deeply rooted in my faith.

As I realised this may not fulfill the criteria of being ‘widely accepted by the general public’, it was a lovely surprise to find out that they decided to select this design!

Update: a month later, I met the organisers of notjustashopual and they told me that this design was in fact their bestseller!

That totally took the burden off my shoulders as I worried that the cards would not sell!

This competition really encouraged me to be more bold about my artwork… and less scared! It opened my eyes to the fact that character and real meaning is in fact valued!

All in all, this totally made my first semester at CSM a joyous one!

Until next time!

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