A Gallery.

Good morning,

Today, I thought that it would be a really good idea to post a few pieces from my past as it would make for a really good reference when I look back to see how my artwork and style develops throughout these following years.

Something that I hoped for before starting this course was to stray from my comfort zone and try different styles that are inspired by other animators and artists. I feel that going to a university like CSM really does provide this opportunity. An activity as mundane as going down to the coffee shop allows for one to experience art  that is showcased in the big hall, art that is worn on other students and art that is witnessed by walking past the drama department while students are practising their lines & scenes in the locker area.

So far, I feel really lucky to have experienced so many forms of art, so I look forward to trying out some weird, wacky and wonderful styles!

Here’s to trying new things.


Silhouettes of living.
Character Design – various expressions of a designed character.
Character Design – Monica.
Pencil study – Cupcake!
Elephant – Observational Pencil Study
Toadette x Wario – Watercolour Pencil Observational.
Kirby – Observation Colouring Pencil


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