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Greetings, world.

On this fine evening of the 24th October 2018, I stumbled upon this intriguing stop-motion advertisement!

This French advertisement titled ‘Ready Steady Cook’ endorses 2 new vegetables sold by the Bonduelle brand. The creatives behind this are named studio Les Canailles and they created this film just 2 years ago.


What drew me to this piece?

At first glance, it was definitely the bright consistently patterned thumbnail that attracted me to click on this particular video.

As I delved into this world of animated vegetables, I found that the use of  bold text, carefully arranged mushrooms and lively backgrounds was in fact, very enjoyable to watch!

The Music

Aside the from aesthetics, the upbeat tune also kept me engaged despite the language barrier. I am no professional when it comes to the French language, however I was still able to follow and understand the message this short was trying to convey.

The Pace

At 1 min 08 seconds, I would personally classify this as quite a lengthily advertisement.  However, due to the pacing and unpredictability of which vegetable was to come next, I found myself deeply engaged throughout without being bored.

Everything is moving very fast here. One second a purple onion appears, the next second this onion is already sliced.

(Studio Les canailles, 2016)
Full onion at 0:15
(Studio Les canailles, 2016)
Sliced onion at 0:16

I feel that the pace chosen was very fitting. Living in an era where everything is instant, I feel that the target audience would become bored had it been 1 min 8 seconds of slowly chopped up vegetables.


In my opinion, I think that Bonduelle Group made a fantastic choice in choosing Les Canailles to create this kind of advertisement. The style of this advertisement suggests to me that the Bonduelle is a company that don’t only sell vegetables, they also sell uniqueness, cleanliness and modernity.

If we take a look at their previous advertisements, we can quickly see the contrast. The film that advertises the company is a lot more classic (Bonduelle Groupe, 2014).

Moreover, their advertisements also extend to 3D animation. Here, we see  little baby corn on the cobs playing in the fields (Bonduelle Group, 2017).

After seeing the wide range of advertisements of Bonduelle, my personal taste still enjoys the brightly coloured stop-motion the most!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Until next time,



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