Femme au chapeau blanc

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This morning, I found my inspiration in the postbox! To my delight, a lovely pal of mine named Bethany had sent me a postcard from France after a visit to the great Musée de l’Orangerie! On this postcard, was none other than the artwork ‘Femme au chapeau blanc’ by Pablo Picasso.


Femme au chapeau blanc by Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973). (Musee-orangerie.fr, 2018)

This oil on canvas painting is translated as ‘The woman in the white hat’. This was not the first painting of Picasso’s that featured this white hat, and he had painted many women in this white hat before. However, it is speculated that the lady featured here is in fact his wife Olga (1891 – 1955).

Both her facial expression and body language indicate that she is deep in thought. I personally feel that the colours Picasso chose really complement the expressions conveyed here. Perhaps Picasso was trying to tell us the lady was lost in troubled or worrisome thoughts.

I decided to blog about this lovely piece of artwork today because I was really inspired by the aesthetic style! I love the brushstrokes and the palette of colours that Picasso has chosen. I particularly enjoy how Picasso has used these to create different textures too, ranging from skin to fabric. Both the tones and composition of the painting work really well  together in order to bring to life a calming and muted mood.

My postcard of Pablo Picasso’s Femme au chapeau blanc.

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